Sacramento Business Journal has an excellent article on Paul and the Skycar. 
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About Moller

Moller International was founded in 1983 as a spin-off of Moller Corporation to continue to design, develop, manufacture and market personal vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL). The company has developed and integrated the disparate technologies required for small, powered-lift VTOL aircraft. These include electronic stabilization and control systems, efficient ducted fan designs, thrust vectoring mechanisms and aerodynamically stable composite airframe structures. The single most significant spin-off technology is the Rotapower engine, a Wankel rotary engine. This engine is now produced and marketed by Freedom Motors .

Our purpose is to develop and put into use personal transport vehicles that are as safe, efficient, affordable, and easy-to-use as automobiles. These would not be constrained by existing transportation networks, and will provide quick and convenient transport to any destination better than any alternative.

This vehicle should have a low environmental impact in terms of noise, emissions, and fuel consumption. Total costs of ownership over the life of the vehicle, including purchase price, operating costs and infrastructure costs should be reasonably low. This would be competing with such alternatives as personal or mass transport vehicles, general aviation, commercial air travel, and rail or motor vehicles.

We believe the Skycar is this vehicle.

About Us

The Moller Skycar

The Moller Skycar is the ultimate hybrid aircraft that takes off and lands like a helicopter, is able to fly at high speed, yet also able to travel at low speed on the ground and narrow enough to fit on urban streets.