Freedom's Rotapower engine has all the inherent advantages of existing Wankel-type rotary engines. In addition, it improves the Wankel-type engine performance as follows:

Emissions and fuel consumption
Uses our proprietary low cost lean burn combustion process together with our patented combustion surface coating and pre-heated incoming fuel-air charge to greatly reduce both emissions and fuel consumption. This technology has the potential to eliminate both the lubrication and cooling systems.

Long engine life in a low-cost design
Uses a new proprietary rotor and rotor cooling technology to reduce rotor weight and related mechanical stresses throughout the engine. Uses new apex seal material and proprietary plasma sprayed internal coatings.

Maximum power with minimum weight and size
Uses our proprietary porting design and advanced component development to generate twice as much power for its weight as most four-stroke competitors.

Modular design allows low cost power growth
One- and two-rotor versions of the Rotapower 650 Series engine provide scalable power for applications with requirements from 75 to 150 horsepower.

Ability to operate on any fuel
Proprietary technology developed to lower emissions and fuel consumption also allows the use of any type fuel with modest changes in the fuel injection system for operation with diesel fuel.

While all of the above advantages make the rotapower engine attractive, the ultimate advantage of this engine is its ability to generate very low emissions.

Engine Technology

Ducted Fan Configuration

Aerial Applications
The Rotapower engine is compact and nearly vibration free, allowing it to be used within the hub of an aircraft’s ducted fans. The image above shows how a ducted-fan conventional aircraft might be configured.  With approximately 1/5th fuel usage of turbine-powered aircraft for similar performance, our RotaFan offers an attractive alternative to the light business-class aircraft manufacturer.