The M200 Neuera is a two-passenger volantor that has undergone over 200 manned and unmanned test flights. It is simple to fly, inexpensive to maintain, and fun to use. Various models can address a number of roles where speed and range are not critical, such as many utilitarian and recreational applications. Models of the Neuera are uniquely positioned to fit into the following markets:



Operates in “ground effect”, the region within one vehicle diameter of the ground—in this case within 10 feet. Allows the Neuera to be purchased fully assembled and ready for use. May be operated without a pilot’s license.

Firefly 3

Operates as a rescue vehicle in a role that no existing vehicle can address, such as extracting personnel from the side of a skyscraper. Use would be limited to emergency situations and operation by military and/or public safety personnel.


An “Experimental” class aircraft to be offered to the individual “kit” aircraft builder for home assembly.

The Neuera’s only competition is the light helicopter, which has various drawbacks—difficult to operate, poor safety record, and is expensive to acquire and operate. Helicopters do have one advantage: their ability to lift a heavier payload with less power, but if payload and range are not critical then the Neuera is the right vehicle for you!


Demo Flight

The prototype of the Neuera, the M200X, has been flown in scores of manned, tethered demonstration flights and is being prepared for additional testing.  The video below shows this VTOL aircraft in operation during one of the well attended demonstrations.

Neuera Technology

The Neuera prototype, the M200X, has flown over 200 times since it was developed in the mid-1980s.

The Neuera's standard configuration is for two.

Firefly's more powerful engines provide sufficient lift to transport 4, 3 passengers and an operator.

Above is the completed Firefly fuselage, prior to the installation of new thrust modules and electronics.