AC Propulsion 
: provided the electric Honda Civic hatchback used for the hybrid electric vehicle.

Almond Butter: (Life extension): Quail Oaks Organic Almond Butter.

Boeing News Release : Release on pilot ratings awarded for a new powered lift category

Boeing Study of Skycar Economics : supplementary information regarding the M400X Skycar.

CALTRANS - California Department of Transportation : Contracted Moller to develop an electric aerobot for bridge inspection.

DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency : Contracted Moller to develop electric-powered aerobots and to develop a Rotapower engine powered hybrid vehicle.

Electric Cars : Featuring alternatively fueled cars.

Encyclopedia Entry : entry for VTOL mentions Skycar.

Freedom Motors : makers of the 4 stroke rotary Rotapower engine.

Rotapower Engines: Additional facts and information on the Rotapower engine from one of our potential partners.

Moller Web Page in KoreanSharp-looking web page constructed by another Skycar enthusiast.

NASA Announcement of "Virtual Pathways" in the Sky : NASA engineers are testing a revolutionary navigational display in NASA's airborne flight simulator that may lead to safer skies and greater airport capacity.

NASA's Small Aircraft Transportation System : FAA and NASA proposal for alternative aircraft travel.

Questions For Living : QuestionsForLiving® is an active research project based on the philosophy that the quality of one’s life is determined by the quality of one’s questions. Whether you are planning a family vacation, purchasing a house or undergoing surgery, QuestionsForLiving provides questions that will help you think critically regarding the questions that you should be asking to create an experience closely aligned with your hopes and expectations. Dr. Moller recently contributed to this project with his thoughts regarding the development of the Skycar.

Sea Ray Boats : makes the Sea Rayder boat, which was modified into the jetboat.

Southeast SATSLab Consortium : Southeast SATSLab Consortium is group of government, industry, and academic partners who share a vision of improved personal transportation enabled by the convergence of aviation, air traffic management, and information technologies into a revolutionary concept called the Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS). The purpose of this group is to facilitate demonstrations of the technology in and around Florida in the summer of 2005. Moller International is a participating member of the Consortium.

SuperTrapp : makers of the 4 stroke internal disc muffler.