AC Propulsion 
: provided the electric Honda Civic hatchback used for the hybrid electric vehicle.

Almond Butter: (Life extension): Quail Oaks Organic Almond Butter.

Boeing News Release : Release on pilot ratings awarded for a new powered lift category

Boeing Study of Skycar Economics : supplementary information regarding the M400X Skycar.

CALTRANS - California Department of Transportation : Contracted Moller to develop an electric aerobot for bridge inspection.

DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency : Contracted Moller to develop electric-powered aerobots and to develop a Rotapower engine powered hybrid vehicle.

Electric Cars : Featuring alternatively fueled cars.

Encyclopedia Entry : entry for VTOL mentions Skycar.

Freedom Motors : makers of the 4 stroke rotary Rotapower engine.

Rotapower Engines: Additional facts and information on the Rotapower engine from one of our potential partners.

Moller Web Page in KoreanSharp-looking web page constructed by another Skycar enthusiast.

NASA Announcement of "Virtual Pathways" in the Sky : NASA engineers are testing a revolutionary navigational display in NASA's airborne flight simulator that may lead to safer skies and greater airport capacity.

NASA's Small Aircraft Transportation System : FAA and NASA proposal for alternative aircraft travel.

Questions For Living : QuestionsForLiving® is an active research project based on the philosophy that the quality of one’s life is determined by the quality of one’s questions. Whether you are planning a family vacation, purchasing a house or undergoing surgery, QuestionsForLiving provides questions that will help you think critically regarding the questions that you should be asking to create an experience closely aligned with your hopes and expectations. Dr. Moller recently contributed to this project with his thoughts regarding the development of the Skycar.

Sea Ray Boats : makes the Sea Rayder boat, which was modified into the jetboat.

Southeast SATSLab Consortium : Southeast SATSLab Consortium is group of government, industry, and academic partners who share a vision of improved personal transportation enabled by the convergence of aviation, air traffic management, and information technologies into a revolutionary concept called the Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS). The purpose of this group is to facilitate demonstrations of the technology in and around Florida in the summer of 2005. Moller International is a participating member of the Consortium.

SuperTrapp : makers of the 4 stroke internal disc muffler.

What People Are Saying



Radio interview by Eric Molinsky on Studio 360.


CBS News - November 7th, 2013 - Inventor aims to be Henry Ford of flying cars

John Blackstone reports on an enthusiastic inventor who has spent the better part of his life and fortune trying to turn his vision of a flying car into reality. 

Click the link below to watch the segment.


The Car Czar Show - August 25th, 2013

The Skycar and Dr. Moller were featured on The Car Czar Show, a 30 minute program broadcast.  The program is broadcast every Sunday on CBS and is owned and operated KMAX, CW31. The show is hosted by renowned auto expert Doug Brauner.  Copy and paste this link into your browser or click the play button below.


Paul Moller talks with George Noory on Coast to Coast Radio Show

In a recent radio interview with George Noory on the Coast to Coast Radio show, Paul talks about our Skycar's initial roll out and how it might be operated in the future.  Also hear about our plans for a mini-Skycar for the hobbyist.  Hear the entire interview at or click the play button below.

Meet George Jetson, Sactown Magazine - In the June/July 2013 issue available now. 

Summary, "After 50 years and more than $100 million, Davis inventor Paul Moller believes his dream of creating the world’s first flying car is right around the corner. Meet the man who believes he—and you—can fly."  Here's a link to the magazine:

FAA, National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (2005-2009)

"Efforts are underway to develop transportation and communications technology that may eventually affect the demand for conventional air transportation.Prototypes of tiltrotor aircraft may evolve into effective vehicles for air travel between city centers or suburban areas, bypassing congested airports." "A longer-term innovation that is being examined by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and FAA is the concept of small aircraft and airports for business and personal transportation operating on virtual highways in the sky.

Henry Lahore—Project leader of an extensive Skycar study undertaken by Boeing Aircraft Company

"With the developing airspace infrastructure in place, the Skycar will become a widely used unpiloted air-taxi.This is the only known commuter vehicle that can move large numbers of people very quickly and safely and still let them conveniently choose their departure point, departure time and destination."J.B. Nichols---Boeing Aeronautical Systems

Consultant to Henry Lahore:

"Our estimate of Moller’s Skycar performance employing these engine pods corroborates Moller’s performance estimates. The lack of any evidence of exaggerated claims made for the Skycar vehicle performance is a hopeful sign that the engine performance estimates are equally realistic."

Dr. Dennis Bushnell--Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

"The volantor (Skycar) will do for car-based society what the car did for horse-based society.It is the right solution at the right time." He goes on to add, "It is not a question of if but when the market for personal air vehicles will be about $1 trillion a year."

Dr. Bruce Holmes—Manager, General Aviation Office, NASA Langley Research Center

"Once we have the infrastructure then Moller’s Skycar has a place to grow into. Such a system is on the way. Various organizations including NASA, the FAA, the Department of Transportation, individual states and aviation industry groups are developing a small aircraft transportation system."

Dr. John Zuk—Chief, Advanced Plans and Programs, NASA Ames

"This is extremely significant," says Dr. Zuk. "It’s really a breakthrough for the type and concept and it has merits from a cost standpoint that show promise to be a future personal transportation system.It’s a true first."Dr. Zuk goes on to say, "Moller is different.He’s got academic credentials.He’s thorough."

Dr. Daniel Goldin—Recent NASA Director and Administrator, has set down a powerful National General Aviation Vision:

"Enable doorstep-to-destination travel at four times the speed of highways to 25% of the nation’s suburban, rural and remote communities in ten years and more than 90% in 25 years."

MSNBC Live Vote Survey- Internet

"Will you be in the market for a volantor?" Out of 6226 responses: Yes as soon as possible 23%; Yes after the price comes down 47%; Yes after it’s proven safe 23%; No never 7%.

Investor’s Business Daily-- Special Report, "Innovations"

"Moller’s car might one day fulfill the prophecy of the world depicted in cartoons like the Jetsons in which the breadwinner commutes to work in a flying car."

Inc. Magazine--"This is Rocket Science!"

"The engine was the key Moller knew, in combining straight up flight with the speed and simplicity of a light plane.

Forbes FYI Magazine--"Are We There Yet?"

"Skycar ‘pilots’ will simply log on to the tracking system via on-board computers, then stick around for any arising emergency tasks such as deploying the craft’s parachutes in the event of a catastrophic power failure."

John Vostrez—Chief, Technical and Research Division, California Dept. of Transportation

He says Moller’s work "goes far beyond the technology we’re working on.It makes the technology we’re working on look fairly mundane." Vostrez says Moller’s idea "is to use the third dimension in a three dimensional space as opposed to just two dimensional space that we’re tied to on the ground.It’s really exciting."

Fortune Small Business (FSB) Magazine

Described Paul Moller as: "...that rare entrepreneur who can pinpoint the genesis of his idea. "

Sam Farr—Past Chairman, California Assembly Committee on Economic Development and New Technologies (Now US Congressman and head of the California Congressional Delegation)

Described Moller as: "Currently developing the most exciting transportation vehicle since the car and the airplane."

World News Tonight- Peter Jennings

"A remarkable invention that could someday radically change the way we get to work.Definitely a technology on the cutting edge. A personal flying machine."

Dr. Michael Guillen—Science Editor, ABC’s "Good Morning America"

"Helicopters are VTOL’s and so are the British Harrier jets.What Moller has done is invent VTOL’s that are cheap and easy to operate."

Jack Kemmerly—Past Chief, Aeronautics Division, California Department of Transportation

Says he is "excited" to see Moller combining an advance in VTOL technology with fly-by-wire control."If and when that accomplishment takes place--and in my mind I know it will—Paul Moller will have struck gold with a technology that has real applications."

USA Today—Cover story, "Is Flying Car Model T of the Future?"

"One immediate advantage would be safety.The (Skycar) engines have so few moving parts that they should require a fraction of the maintenance of a helicopter.One engine could fail and the Skycar could still hover to a landing.Piloting the Skycar should require less skill than driving a car."

Wall Street Journal—"Upward Mobility: Fliers Build Own Planes as Industry Falters."

"His Skycar is a computer controlled, eight engine vehicle designed to travel on roads, take-off and land vertically, carry four people through the air at 350 miles per hour and sell, once mass production begins, for not much more money than an automobile."

Smithsonian Institution INVENTION Series:"The Flying Car"-Produced by the Discovery Channel

"Paul Moller is unique in this world of complex high technology.He is an independent entrepreneur who still makes his own test flights.It is the people with imagination and the ability to see past the end of their nose that are going to be the ones flying instead of sitting down here in grid-lock on the freeway."

The Learning Channel (TLC)—"The Ultimate Ten Machines Ever Built"

A program devoted to describing and rating the ten most significant machines ever built.The Skycar was rated number 6.

People magazine—"INVENTORS-Flier Paul Moller is a Former Alien With a Real Flying Saucer"

"Wary as any test pilot taking up an experimental craft, the man in the fireproof blue suit kissed his wife before climbing into the cockpit.One by one he started the eight rotary engines, then pushed a small red throttle with his left-hand and a joystick with his right.With that, engines whining, the flying saucer rose 40 feet into the air.He took his volantor on a 150 second spin in Davis."

Henry Ford, Chairman, Ford Motor Company-1940

"Mark my word: A combination airplane and motorcar is coming.You may smile.But it will come…"

Dr. James R. Bright, Author of "Research, Development and Technical Innovation" published 1964

Gives three examples of demand preceding delivery:"A cure for cancer, a cure for heart disease and a practical VTOL aircraft."

MI Key References.pdf

 On the News Stand.pdf

On Display

Mini Skycars are coming! Now scheduled to be available in mid-March


Article in the Davis Enterprise talks about the recent announcement of the Company's partnership with American Space Industries and their intent to produce 1/7th scale RC models of the Skycar.  See for the full article.

Meet George Jetson!

Images from article in SacTown Magazine available now in the Sacramento region.  Digital version to be released soon.

Volantors in the Media
Here the M200M, a 2-passenger concept for a future volantor is on display in Malaysia.


M200M in Chicago


M200M at Northern California
Air Museum


M200M on Display in Davis, CA

M200 Neuera (aka HALO)
Lidnsay O'Brien Quarrie, chairman of Space Sciences Corp. of Lemitar, N.M., talks about a saucer-shaped aircraft, the MOLLER M200x, during the International Symposium for Personal and Commerical Spaceflight.