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Moller International/Freedom Motors March 2017 Newsletter

Volantor Status
As noted in the report I gave at our annual MI/FM stockholder’s meeting, both the Neuera 200 and M400 Skycar® programs to install upgraded Rotapower® engines are on hold.

Battery Powered Flying Cars
Moller International has received a number of emails from newsletter subscribers who have expressed concern that MI’s lead in VTOL capable flying cars is being upstaged by companies like Airbus, Ehang, Embraer, Google, and Joby. Nothing that is presently contemplated as a battery powered flying car is a threat to the technology that has been developed by MI.

Interesting Observation
History tends to repeat itself. In 1922, the De Bothezat helicopter flew successfully carrying two passengers. It had a remarkably similar configuration to a scaled up present-day wingless drone including four counter-rotating propellers.


The attached whitepaper in the March 2017 Newsletter is available here.

Skycar M200

Moller International/Freedom Motors February 2017 Newsletter

As reported at our annual Moller/Freedom stockholder’s meeting, MI’s progress is dependent on funds owed to it for contract work done by MI for FM. Therefore, virtually all our present effort is directed towards securing the production funding for our Rotapower® engine. FM made the executive summary from its funder, Power Source Creations (PSC), available at our meeting and posted on our website. Please visit the website shortly for a recent more detailed explanation regarding the source of PSC’s funding and consequently the $250 million in FM funding.


An update to this February 2017 Newsletter is available here.

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Moller International/Freedom Motors January 2017 Newsletter

The annual joint stockholder’s meeting for MI and FM was held on December 10, 2016 at 10:00am in our new facility at 1855 North 1st St. in Dixon, CA. Approximately 70 shareholders were in attendance. The power point presentation made at that meeting can be found on our website or by clicking here.


Skycar M900

Moller International / Freedom Motors 2016 Shareholder's Meeting

The combined FM and MI annual stockholders meeting will take place at 10:00am on December 10, 2016. The meeting will be held at the new MI and FM facility located at 1855 North 1st Street in Dixon, CA.

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