Neuera 200

Two passenger VTOL recreational aircraft

Neuera 200

Over the past 30+ years Moller International and its predecessor companies have been working on the development of the technologies required for a new class of vehicles called volantors. The "Neuera" (pronounced "new era") will be the first of these volantors to enter the market as a low-cost personal recreational or utility vehicle, capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL).

The multi-purpose Neuera can operate hundreds feet above any surface: land, water, sand, snow, swamp or grasslands. It can be used like other recreational vehicles, combining the capabilities of a boat, hovercraft, ATV, snowmobile, or other off-road vehicle. It has the hover and VTOL capabilities of a helicopter. Its ducted fans provide lift and propulsion without the danger of exposed rotor blades and high maintenance costs of helicopters. The vehicle uses state-of-the-art fly-by-wire computer technology to monitor, control, and maintain stability while simultaneously making the Neuera simple and easy to operate.

The Neuera's performance, while similar to that of a light helicopter, is safer and potentially less expensive. Moller International is currently working to obtain cerification from the appropriate regulatory agencies prior to the sale of this vehicle to the public.

The Neuera 200 is a two-passenger volantor that has undergone 200+ manned and unmanned test flights. It is simple to fly, inexpensive to maintain, and fun to use. Various models can address a number of roles where speed and range are not critical, such as many utilitarian and recreational applications.

Neuera 200 Performance Specifications

  • Max speed 100 mph
  • Cruise speed 75 mph
  • Range 100 miles
  • Size (Diameter x Height) 10' x 3'
  • Fuel Ethanol/Gasoline
  • Payload 350 lbs
  • M200X Demonstration Flight

    M200X Demonstration Flight 2