Sour Gas Rotapower® Generator on Dynamometer

Moller International/Freedom Motors Sept 2017 Newsletter

Freedom Motors Funding
The picture below shows our recently completed portable engine test dynamometer. This dyno allows the ratio between methane (the key component in natural gas) and CO2 (the primary contaminant) to be varied. Currently we have achieved good combustion at less than 50% methane, which is, by any measure, a success. However, we plan to further quantify the results to determine:
  Toxic emissions which are expected to be near zero, by injecting water to prevent formation of nitrious oxides. From various experiences, we know that CO2 and HC emissions are extremely low when using methane (natural gas).
  Efficiency of burning sour gas as a function of methane content.
  Minimum methane content where combustion is stable, which we expect to be substantially less than 50% based on tests to date.


Firefly Rescue Vehicle

Moller International/Freedom Motors Aug 2017 Newsletter

Moller International
After assessing the quickest to market volantor model, it was determined that the Neuera Firefly is the best initial choice. The reasons for this are as follows:

  •   There is an immediate need for a volantor that can extract someone from the side of a high rise in case of a fire. This need is universal throughout the world.
  •   An aircraft that can save lives in this high-profile application will get preferential treatment in the approval process.
  •   The compact size also makes other rescue missions possible (diameter 9ft versus 40 ft. in a helicopter).
  •   The Neuera 200, which is close to flight test stage can be used to seek FAA approval. Since both vehicles use essentially the same engines, flight control system, and very similar airframe, this will speed up the FAA flight approval process for the Firefly.
  •   The Neuera 200, Neuera Firefly, Skycar® 100 and Skycar 200 all fall within a weight category that has the potential to be FAA certified (following FAA approval) under a subcategory of the light sports aviation (LSA) category. This would greatly speed up and reduce the cost of FAA certification.
  •   The cost of FAA approval for both the Neuera 200 and Firefly should be less than $1,000,000.


M400 In Flight

Moller International Selling the M400 Prototype

Moller International
FOR SALE: This is the original Moller M400 Skycar®. It is the world’s first true VTOL (vertical-takeoff-and-landing) “Flying Car” to be demonstrated.
The M400 Skycar® is a true museum piece, developed over many years and first flown in 2001 at the company’s shareholder meeting. It has since flown (under a restricted environment) many times. This vehicle was featured on the covers of Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and the topic of countless news articles and broadcasts including 60 Minutes, ABC, Bloomberg, CNN, and Discovery Channel. The M400 Skycar® is very prevalent on Google and You Tube.