Skycar M200

Moller International/Freedom Motors August Newsletter

Progress on the Neuera 200 has been minimal since the last newsletter. This is a consequence of inadequate funds to complete its assembly and test. MI has devoted its limited funds to marketing its technology in an effort to acquire joint venture partners that would allow it to produce not only demonstrators, but also market-ready products.


Link to PDF Attachment "Critique of a battery powered aircraft"

Dixon Sign

Dixon Facilities Update

Remodeling work continues at the new Dixon facilities for Freedom Motors and Moller International. Here are a few pictures of the new signage installed at these two new locations.

MI Sign Concept

Moller International/Freedom Motors June Newsletter

We have completed the relocation of MI and FM to new facilities in Dixon, CA (about 8 miles SW of Davis). However, the new facilities are being substantially remodeled to accommodate our specific needs. These changes will not be complete for at least one more month. MI will occupy Suite C while FM will occupy Suite B.